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Underfloor distributor for switch disconnectors

This underfloor distributor is available with up to 6 NH 2 switching strips or NH00 switching strips Combos are also possible!
With second diving bell for the connection area. Providing easy maintenance and connectivity.


  as a substitute for electricity grid distribution


  exhibition Grounds


  industrial parks
Technical Information:

Size: 2000 x 960 x 800mm (L x B x H)
Size baseplate: 2100 x 960mm (L x B)

Built entirely of stainless steel, in load class according to EN 124: B125 or D400

The shaft is made again-, light Polyurithan in load class D400

Proven diving bell principle absolutely safe from flooding!

In a flooded shaft easily and extensible and ready for operation.

No connection required to the sewer!

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