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Network Cable distribution cabinets of utilities or socket combinations

Through our European (and elsewhere) patented design we are able to offer an underfloor system, which can be operated (emerged and submerged) even so the system is flooded and yet can be switched in the emerged state. This also eliminates the civil engineering costs for connecting the underfloor system to a drainage and / or sanitary sewer system.

Through our patented technology using a 'diving bell' design concept all NH2-Switches and electrical components remain permanently dry. This provides maximum protection with respect to the current-carrying parts.

The waterproofing of the 'diving bell' is not interrupted even during the emerging and submerging. Draining of the flooded underfloordistributionsystem during emerging and submerging of the entire system is not necessary!

"Protect your infrastructure and keep it still easily accessible."

Own development and design guarantee the highest quality "Made in Germany."

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