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Arguments for the use of an underfloordistributionsystem
and conceivable applications

  • Sewage / drainage channel or connection is not necessary. So often considerable reduction in civil engineering costs is possible for the overall project (e.g. a night market place with several supply underfloor systems)

  • Optional: patented high security cover. No extra power supply required. Certified according to safety class WK 4

  • Very compact height of about 700mm

  • One-man operation of the opening and lifting operation

  • Besides a standard manhole cover lifting tool no separate tool is needed

  • Can also be used for market place supply, e.g. for night markets, outdoor events

  • Optional Cost center management when installing socket distributions using calibrated meters

Available with powerlockconnection e.g. for boat docks

In wired state the terminal area is sunk in the underground again. Damage by vehicle or others is therefore not possible

Possible areas of implementations

Inner cities listed on a historic register

Old Townships

Areas of outdoor stadiums


Shopping arcades

Public places

Airports and railway stations

Flood prone industrial plants and places
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