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Network Cable distribution cabinets of utilities or socket combinations

The underground system is divided in two basic structures.

1. The distribution area with its NH bars, or electrical socket combination

2. The connection area
The connection area has a cable connection terminal block. Here, the rigid underground cables already mounted on the shaft system will be connected with the highly flexible cables via feed-through terminals. This section replaces the usual outside of the shaft fitted cable transition -rigid/flexible- found in cable sleeves.

Resulting benefits:

- Mounting of rigid earth (underground) cable much more simplified

- Avoiding errors often due the use of cables sleeves

If this is not desired, the shaft can be made smaller.

The connection region , as well as the distribution region , is protected by an individual 'diving bell'. The 'diving bell' is inserted manually after the cable attachment -rigid/flexibel- is completed and secured against buoyancy . Opening of this second 'diving bell' is only needed in the event of a renewed cable connection or disconnection.

Please choose:

Underfloordistributionsystem incorporated and ramped
Optional plastic cover for the underfloor distribution in the class D400

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